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Rules of Discipline
  • Within the College premises :
    • No general meeting of the student of the College or of section of them may be called without the previous permission in writing of the Principal.
    • No public function to which outsiders are invited shall be organized without the previous permission of the Principal in writing.
    • No outsider shall be allowed to address the students of the College without the previous permission in writing of the Principal.
  • No theatrical performance, dance or show of any kind shall be allowed within the precincts of the college or outside in the name of an Institution, except with the previous permission in writing of the Principal and on such terms and conditions as he may impose.
  • No student shall :
    • by words spoken or written or by signs or visible representation offend or insult a fellow student or any teacher of a College or any employee, officer or authority of the University or
    • mis-appropriate, destroy, multiate, disfigure or otherwise damage any College or university property in particular furniture, books and apparatus or,
    • disobey any order issued by the University or by the Principal of the College or any rule or order for time being informed by the University or his College.
  • A student shall be guilty of breach of discipline if he breaks any of the foregoing rules or is otherwise guilty of misconduct or indecorous behavior.
  • For a breach of discipline within or outside the precincts of the college, the Principal of the college may :
    • impose a fine on a student
    • suspend the student for one month or less or
    • expel him from the college for such period as he thinks fit.
  • The Principal may, without assigning any reasons require a student to leave the college if he considers such actions necessary in interest of institutions. It shall not be opened the student in such cases to ask for the reasons.